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Audi lease offers

Part of the revered Teutonic trio, Audi is synonymous with extremely high build quality outside and inside its often mold-breaking cars that are also renowned for their efficiency and the showcasing of stunning new technologies. From the compact A1 through to the imposing Q8, rapid RS models and electric e-tron range, there's an Audi for all tastes and budgets, with attractive lease deals in regular supply.

Audi A1 leasing prices

Audi new A1 personal lease deals offers

Distilling many of its larger and more expensive siblings' innovative exterior design and interior comfort and technology advancements into a footprint perfect for the urban jungle, the A1 is one of the most desirable small cars produced yet and gives the marque an advantage over BMW and Mercedes. Classed a Sportback, the new A1's engines currently range from 25 to 40 TFSI petrol units, while upper trim levels encompass S line Competition, Style & Contract through to opulent Vorsprung. There's even a citycarver variant with raised suspension. Find your perfect Audi A1 lease offer.

Audi A3 models

Audi A3 Sportback saloon cabriolet personal business lease prices

It makes sense that the Audi A3 has always been so popular amongst all age groups thanks to the Sportback's versatile shape, the saloon's sharp lines and the style oozed by the cabriolet whether its roof is up or down. Whichever body-style you choose to lease an Audi A3 in, a premium feel is guaranteed, while drivers seeking an even greater sense of sportiness will be smitten with Black Edition versions.

Audi A4 Saloon / Avant

Audi A4 saloon avant estate leasing PCH

Taut and sporty aesthetics define the latest Audi A4 saloon and Avant (estate) models, which boast impressively comfortable interiors that should be seat five. For high-mileage business drivers, Audi's tried and tested TDI diesel engine is the recommended choice, while the S4 and particularly RS4 ignite the senses, and the Allroad with quattro four-wheel drive provides additional 'go anywhere' ability. Compare Audi A4 lease offers with Car Leasing People.

A5 Coupe, Sportback + Cabriolet

Audi A5 coupe Sportback cabriolet leasing UK

A stylish clamshell bonnet and racy lines set the hunkered-down Audi A5 apart on the road, while the Sportback's rear doors naturally make it more versatile without losing any style. It's a safe car, with autonomous emergency braking (AEB) fitted as standard, and the interior is decidedly luxurious. With a comfortable ride and handy technology like Parking system plus, it's a compelling package, especially with Audi A5 personal lease prices typically starting below £300.

Audi A6 Saloon + Avant

Audi new A6 Saloon Avant estate lease UK

Away from Audi's SUVs, the A6 Avant (estate) represents the ultimate load-lugger in the range and the saloon also looks more stunning than ever, both variants bestowed with a large grille and sophisticated front and rear LED lights including animated coming and leaving home sequences that will impress onlookers. The simply beautiful interior of the A6 boasts two large blackened touchscreen panels with haptic feedback, the 565-litre boot will swallow most things, and powerful engines span from the 204bhp 40 TDI diesel unit to the 340PS 55 TFSI petrol powerplant. Compare Audi A6 lease prices and find your ideal configuration today.

Audi A7 contract hire

Audi new A7 Sportback UK lease and contract hire prices

When we carried out our Audi A7 road-test review, we were hugely impressed by its spacious, ultra-modern and comfortable interior, large boot and abundance of safety technology, not to mention its dynamic silhouette, dramatic road presence and highly desirable light-show animation at the front and rear, evoking Knight Rider comparisons. The Audi A7 Sportback's most powerful engine is currently the 50 TDI quattro with 286bhp, before heading into feisty S7 and RS7 territory. Search Car Leasing People's prices today, from Sport and S line to Vorsprung.

Audi A8

Audi A8 saloon contract hire business personal leasing

Audi's flagship luxury saloon is a masterpiece in beautiful materials and design outside and in, backed by some of the most forward-thinking infotainment and autonomous driving technology on the market. Powered by a 50 TDI diesel or 55 TFSI petrol engine, Audi's pinnacle of opulence can be leased in long-wheelbase 'L' guise for even greater levels of relaxation especially when specified with relaxation massage seats and a footrest. Compare Audi A8 lease prices here.

Audi Q SUV range

Audi Q5 personal business leasing UK

Crossovers and SUVs comprise a large proportion of car leasing and sales volumes in today's market and Audi's models are amongst the most stylish and desirable on the market, from the youthful-looking Audi Q2, beautiful new Q3, excellent Q5 in the middle of the range, new Audi Q8 SUV-coupe blending presence and sportiness, and the 7-seat Q7 offering the most versatility. Which Audi Q SUV is your heart set on?

Audi TT & R8 sports cars

Audi TT R8 sports cars personal lease

Few sporty coupes and 'roadster' convertibles/cabriolets stand out on the road as much as Audi's iconic TT and R8 do, each of these evocative models looking more stylish and dynamic than ever and brimming with the marque's latest technology, from audio, phone connectivity and sat nav, to chassis and performance improvements. Leasing an Audi TT or R8 can be enjoyed all year round thanks to revered quattro four-wheel drive technology. Go find yours.

Electric Audi leasing

Audi e-tron electric SUV car leasing

Audi SUV fans can now embrace the benefits of electric cars if they choose the breathtaking e-tron, which will soon be available to lease in Sportback coupe guise. As an EV, the Audi e-tron blends an all-electric battery driving range of up to 237 miles with the ability to recharge the battery back up to 80% power in just 30 minutes using a public 150kW charge point. Zero CO2 emissions and a potent 408PS delivered in near silence makes leasing an Audi e-tron a compelling prospect.

From the compact, premium Audi A1 city car and cutting-edge new A6 Saloon and Avant models through to the edgy Audi TT and all-electric e-tron, there's an Audi for everyone and leasing one can make great sense for many drivers. Contact our car lease team for assistance in finding the perfect Audi for you.