The sexy, the oddball and the amazing from the Geneva International Motor Show 2016, that has once again played host to some drop-dead gorgeous supercars, crazy concepts and incredible technology. Having let things settle following the usual burst of live updates and reveals, feast your eyes on our picks (in no particular order) over the next few pages...

DS E-TENSE ~ silent assassin (if they make it in black!)

  • Marking a year since DS split from Citroen

  • All-electric GT car

  • 516Nm instant electric torque

  • 402bhp

  • zero emissions

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Zenvo TS1 ~ bonkers limited edition

  • Hypercar from Denmark

  • 5.9-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine

  • Top speed of 233mph

  • 7-speed gearbox in manual or automatic

  • Low centre of gravity and carbon fibre components

  • Carbon-ceramic brakes

  • Hydraulic lift suspension

  • Will cost around £220,000

  • Only 15 will be built

  • Zenvo originally revealed a 7-litre ST1, which the TS1 replaces

Techrules AT96 TREV Concept - 1,030bhp Chinese supercar

  • Completely electric

  • Incredible 0-62mph time 2.5 seconds

  • Top speed of 217mph

  • SIX electric motors

  • Range anxiety? Nope. Has a 1,200-mile range

  • Turbine-recharged:  tiny micro turbine drivers an electricity generator that powers the motors and turns the wheels

  • Company claims theoretical 1,569mpg

  • Real-life range and economy more realistic at 100 miles and 60mpg for drivers who rely completely on the turbine for recharging, instead of plugging in (which Techrules reckons will take just 40 minutes)

Volvo V90 - blending sexy and sensible

  • Swedish premium estate joins XC90 and new S90 saloon

  • V90 gets Thor's Hammer daytime running lights, too


  • All engines four-cylinder as per Volvo's current ethos

  • Petrol T5 and T6 engines won't come to UK for a while

  • UK will get 187bhp D4 and 232bhp D5 diesel versions

  • 8-speed automatic transmission and decent economy of 50-60mpg

  • Twin-engine T8 PHEV will also be available, producing 404bhp

  • Very luxurious interior


  • Momentum and Inscription trims

  • First ever car without a key, using a smartphone instead

  • Semi-driverless technology

  • Safe, as expected from Volvo

  • Likely to be priced from around £34,000

Toyota C-HR ~ Qashqai rival

  • Revealed in production form

  • Mid-size crossover to rival popular Nissan Qashqai

  • Attractive, coupe-like design, with sleek lines and chunky bumpers and arches

  • UK will get C-HR with a 1.8-litre full hybrid powertrain pledging road tax-exempt sub-90g/km CO2 emissions, and a 1.2-litre (again petrol)

  • Optional CVT (continually variable transmission - works more or less like an automatic) and two/front or four-wheel drive

  • Will fit into Toyota's range below the RAV4

  • One of the first mid-size crossover SUVs to offer hybrid

  • Pricing and interior details to follow

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Kia Niro ~ environmentally-friendly crossover

  • Hybrid only blending a 1.6-litre GDI with an electric motor

  • Specially-designed six-speed automatic gearbox with twin clutch

  • Built on Kia's dedicated eco platform


  • Dubbed a 'Hybrid Utility Vehicle' or HUV

  • Anticipated CO2 emissions of 89g/km and fuel consumption in excess of 70mpg

  • Pricing expected to commence at circa £20,000

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Quant F ~ sleek, all-electric, four-seat saloon

  • From nanoFlowcell, a company in Lichtenstein

  • 1,075bhp produced by four electric motors

  • Unusual two-speed transmission

  • Maximum speed said to be 186mph

  • Firm's technology uses fluids in the fuel cell (it's complicated!)

  • Four-wheel drive, with switchable rear-wheel drive

  • Headlights project a 'Q' thanks to back-lit crystals

  • Interior boasts illuminated controls displayed on real wood

  • Infotainment screen wide enough to be a home cinema

  • Very futuristic. Watch this space!

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Audi Q2 ~ it was bound to happen

  • Baby 'Q' SUV crossover from Audi, intent on filling all the gaps in its range

  • Floating C-pillar design and customisable, funky interiors give Q2 a youthful vibe

  • Competes with Mercedes GLA and BMW X2

  • Driving modes include one for off-road

  • Targeted at young buyers

  • Ambient lighting using LEDs jazzes up the cabin even further

  • Petrol engines range from 1.4-litre Cylinder on Demand to a 2-litre TFSI

  • Diesel engine choices are 1.6 and 2.0 TDI

  • Optional 7-speed S-Tronic transmission

  • Quattro four-wheel drive also optional

  • Performance versions in the pipeline

  • Bright colour palette available

  • Latest A4's multimedia technology carried across

  • Gorgeous 'Virtual Cockpit' powered by 12.3-inch display optional

  • Coming to the UK in the second half of 2016

  • Price range probably £21,000-35,000

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Ssangyong SIV-2 ~ another Qashqai rival


  • SIV-2 is a concept for now

  • Another mid-size SUV crossover targetting the Nissan Qashqai

  • Planned for going on sale in 2018

  • SIV stands for 'Smart Interface Vehicle'

  • Much more attractive than the Kyron of old. Remember it?

  • Concept runs on mild hybrid powertrain with 1.5-litre petrol engine

  • A plugin hybrid and other variations may follow suit

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Bugatti Chiron ~ just incredible

  • Top speed? Just 261mph, or 270mph without the limiter

  • Power? A measly 1,479bhp and 1,180 lb ft torque

  • The engine? An 8-litre W16 from Volkswgen

  • FOUR turbochargers

  • Time taken to run out of petrol? 9 minutes at full-pelt

  • Currently only the second-most powerful hypercar in the world, though

  • Still the fastest, mind you, taking less than 2.5 seconds to hit 62mph

  • Koenigsegg Regera actually has more torque

  • Chiron is by far the heaviest car in the class

  • On sale Autumn 2016

  • Price tag? £1.9 million

  • Oh my...

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Citroën E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges Concept ~ erm...

  • Based on the original Mehari from the 1960s

  • Four-seater cabriolet

  • Fully-electric

  • Roof made of Plexiglas

  • 124-mile range and 8-13 hours' charging time

  • Perfect for beach-lovers, with plastic seats and floor, easy to wash down

  • Jacked-up ride gives it decent off-road ability

  • Marketed to hotels and holiday destinations

  • Will be sold in France shortly, expected in the UK later in 2016

  • Citroen says the bodywork will remain corrosion-free due to the materials used

  • Mehari will even be able to cope with minor prangs

  • With a rear bench seat and a folding roof, it's relatively practical

SKODA Vision S concept ~ tasty SUV

  • Provides strong clues as to how forthcoming KODIAK SUV will look

  • Seven-seater

  • Competes with Land Rover Discovery Sport


  • Attractive styling on all sides, including clamshell bonnet

  • Dash boasts TWO colour toucchreens, for driver and passenger

  • Concept featured a petrol-electric hybrid setup with 4WD

  • Typical Volkswagen Group engines will be available

  • Hopefully the Vision S, or KODIAK, will be priced from around £25,000, making it cheaper than most of its rivals

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Spyker C8 Preliator ~ Jet plane-inspired supercar from Holland

  • Sleek styling not dissimilar to the firm's Aileron model

  • Powered by an Audi 4.2-litre V8 engine

  • Supercharged

  • Vital statistics: 518bhp, top speed 201mph and 3.7 seconds to 62mph

  • Packed with mesmerising features and details, inside and out

  • Priced in the £300,000 region

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Lexus LF-FC ~ luxury saloon concept

  • If the next Lexus LS saloon looks anything like this, it'll be amazing

  • 5.3m long and 2m wide means acres of room inside

  • Trademark 'spindle' grille and coupe-like, low-slung styling


  • Four-wheel drive, a motor on each wheel

  • Showcases Lexus' autonomous driving technologies

Lexus LC 500h ~ available to buy in next 12-15 months

  • Unlike the LF-FC, which is a concept at the moment, the Lexus LC 500h will be produced

  • Geneva saw Lexus show off the hybrid version, the V8 petrol having already been revealed in Detroit

  • New 'Multi Stage Hybrid System' with a 3.5-litre V6 plus an electric motor

  • Total power output is 354bhp

  • CVT gearbox as expected from Lexus, but an additional 4-speed automatic transmission works in tandem

  • Ten gear changes effectively incorporated in Lexus' alternative to a dual-clutch system

  • Small and lightweight lithium-ion battery

  • Expected to perform much more like a sports coupe than a typical hybrid with CVT

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Ferrari GTC4Lusso ~ successor to the FF

  • Showcase for all of Ferrari's latest achievements and developments

  • Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and four seats

  • 680bhp V12 engine that is naturally aspirated, meaning there's no turbo or supercharger

  • 3.4 seconds 0-62mph time and a 208mph top speed

  • New HD touchscreen, plus the front passenger gets their own screen, too

  • Quad lights at the rear

  • No price has been officially announced yet

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Alfa Romeo Guilia ~ BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class rival

  • Will offer Italian flair to stand apart from the dominant German compact executive saloons

  • Sporty styling of the hot Quadrifoglio model not carried over, but Guilia still looks the part

  • UK engines will be 148bhp and 178bhp versions of 2.2-litre diesel, along with 2-litre and 2.9-litre V6 petrol units

  • ECO diesel with CO2 emissions under 100g/km will also be available

  • Rear-wheel drive, 50:50 weight distribution and sports-focussed chassis


  • Pricing expected to start from just under £30,000

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