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Tesla car lease

Tesla is the brand on the tip of most people's tongues when they think of cutting-edge fully-electric cars with long-range battery mileages and minimalist interiors rich in infotainment, semi-autonomous and safety technology. Tesla's electric range spanning the Model 3 and Model S to the Model X with gullwing doors are not only usable on an everyday basis but are also breathtaking in their acceleration speeds. Leasing a Tesla on a personal or business contract opens up the world of all-electric luxury performance car motoring at much more affordable monthly rental prices, without any concerns over resale values or future battery replacement.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 saloon is 2019's must-have electric car. Rapid is an understatement, boasting a 0-60mph time of 5.3 seconds from the rear-wheel drive Standard Plus, 4.4 seconds in the Long Range AWD model and a phenomenal 3.2 seconds from the Performance version with Dual Motor all-wheel drive. With an impressively large boot space of 542 litres, a tablet-like touchscreen to stun passengers with and a battery range spanning 254 miles to 348 miles, it's the choice in the electric saloon segment. People can't get enough of the Tesla Model 3 and CarLeasingPeople is pleased to be able to offer the car on personal and business lease without a long waiting list or delivery lead time. How much does it cost to lease a Tesla Model 3 for UK customers? Find out by viewing our latest prices, special offers and deals.

Tesla Model S

Lease a Tesla Model S on business or personal contract hire (PCH) - offers and prices

The car with which Elon Musk's EV journey began, the mid-size Model S saloon lineup has now been simplified with two variants to choose from - Long Range and Performance, the former offering a battery range of up to 375 miles, while the latter only manages 10 miles less but accelerates to 62mph in an incredible 2.4 seconds in Ludicrous mode. Dual-motor all-wheel drive spices up the performance while fully-autonomous capability, the practicality of front and rear boots, a high-tech' and minimalist interior with long-awaiting Apple CarPlay and Siri integration plus fast recharging times make it more desirable than ever. Discover our current Tesla Model S lease offers.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X family SUV MPV crossover Long lease prices - Car Leasing People, UK

Marketed as an SUV, the Tesla Model X actually has a much more car-like silhouette combining saloon, off-road and even an element of MPV styling in a crossover package that makes it a truly distinctive sight on UK roads. Five, six or seven-seat versatility and those achingly cool 'Falcon Wing' rear doors accentuate the appeal of this blisteringly fast yet superbly hushed family Tesla even further. With eight surround cameras and the SUV sector's first 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, it's a great car for technology-loving, green-minded parents keen to embrace electric motoring, and even comes with a medical grade pollen filter for the utmost comfort. Compare our Tesla Model X prices.